A Sewing Loft

A Sewing Loft is a home-based business where I teach children from ages 7 to 17 to learn to sew.  A Sewing Loft is located in a beautifuly renovated farmhouse loft in Westfield, Indiana.  

Sewing Class Curriculum

One hour a week - that is all it takes for your child to learn to sew and to have fun doing it! 

Using the Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design® curriculum, I help your child to learn and to understand a variety of sewing techniques and concepts.  The lessons start at Level 1 and progress until the student is ready to use more complex patterns. 

Classes take place in a beautiful converted farmhouse loft space.  The environment is one of inspiration, fun, and learning. 

I encourage my students to take the skills that they learn in class and to use their imaginations and their creativity to experiment with the projects that they create.  Each student will make projects that are individual to him or her, and the skills learned in these classes will last a lifetime. 

These classes may just become your child's favorite extracurricular activity!

See the Registration page for Tuition Information and for How to Register for Classes.  

Class Details

  • Time Commitment:  1 Hour per week

  • Class Sizes: Small (average 4-6 students/class)

  • Provided:  Sewing machine & tools

  • Students Purchase:  Fabric and notions for each project

  • Workbook:  Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design® pattern workbook (contains enough projects for about 9-11 months).  Purchase of this workbook is included in your initial registration fee

Class Projects

The 1st Year Student Pattern Packet teaches students how to: follow sewing written sewing terms & directions, use a paper pattern, to use 1-2 pattern pieces, lay the pattern on the fabric, cut out the fabric, make casings, hem, make a facing, pivot stitch, back-tack, make a slit, clip around curves, work from the fold line, measure from the straight of grain, use notches, pin, press, measure seam allowance, top stitch, use a tape measure, use a seam gauge and other equipment, chalk talk, how to press using an iron, determine pattern size, top stitch, thread elastic, how to thread and use the sewing machine, how to construct and complete a wearable garment.

Girls Projects - 1st Year Student Pattern Packet


Boys Projects - 1st Year Student Pattern Packet

Boys Projects

Teens Projects - 1st Year Student Pattern Packet

Teens Projects