A Sewing Loft

A Sewing Loft is a home-based business where I teach children from ages 7 to 17 to learn to sew.  A Sewing Loft is located in a beautifuly renovated farmhouse loft in Westfield, Indiana.  

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A Sewing Loft is a home-based learn-to-sew business located in a beautifully renovated farmhouse loft in Westfield, Indiana.

My name is Josie.  I have been a Nanny for over 30 years and I am thrilled to share both my love of children and my love of sewing with your child!  I am a licensed "Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design Inc." instructor.

At A Sewing Loft, boys and girls from ages 7 to 17 years old can learn to sew in a fun, creative, self-paced and encouraging environment.  Sewing is a life-long skill that is unfortunately no longer taught in most schools.  Learning to sew will give your child a sense of accomplishment and helps to build self-esteem.  Each completed project builds their skill sets and empowers them to take their knowledge farther than they may have realized was possible.

"Kids Can Sew" has the largest curriculum and easy to sew patterns available for teaching children and teens (even adults) to sew and fashion design their own clothes.  It is the original program for teaching kids to sew and is recognized as the #1 sewing program for kids!  The lesson plans include multiple patterns for a variety of fun projects.

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Your child will learn:

  • Basic sewing techniques.

  • To safely use a sewing machine.

  • To create items while using the "Kids Can Sew" sewing patterns and methods.

  • To graduate from basic patterns and techniques to more complicated projects.

  • Class sizes are small and are one hour each week. Sewing machines and tools are provided!


  • Registration is a $50.00 non-refundable fee which covers your child's pattern packets and supplies.

  • Classes are $70.00 monthly and due at the first class of each month.

Our class sessions follow the calendar for Westfield Washington School District.  Please note that my classes are in session from September through May.  All holidays, vacations, school closings or after school cancellations will be observed!  If school is closed...so are we!

Space is limited!  If you are interested in registering your child for a class, please send me an email with the days and times your child is available.  Please include a first and second choice.  I will respond as soon as possible with availability and details.  Once a day and time is determined, the registration fee and first month's payment reserves your child's spot.